Monday, January 21, 2013

Excellent, Humbling, Inspiring and Enlightening

This just in from Facebook:

Scott Pavick shared:

“Mr. Kevin Harney, owner of Stalco Construction, provided all of his employees the

opportunity to meet Mr. Jim Owen and Mr. Kent Noble in person. The presentation
explaining Cowboy Ethics and The Try and how these principles were derived and
utilized was nothing short of excellent, humbling, inspiring and enlightening. Stalco
Construction has now adopted the Code of the West as a basis to the way our company
will be run. Mr. Harney has provided a copy of Cowboy Ethics to each of his employees
not only as a gift, but as a reminder of the basics and values this country was built on. It
will provide inspiration to better ones self as well as bring the basics back to conducting
business. Lets recapture what America once stood for. On behalf of the employees of

Stalco Construction, I thank Kevin for providing this gift of true American values.”

We love to see stories like Scott’s as more and more businesses are Standing Tall. Speaking of which, here's another inspiring article recently posted in BEEF Daily about faith and the cowboy code of ethics. Keep living true to your code and share your stories with us anytime.
The Cowboy Way Is Backed With
Morals, Values
Jan. 14, 2013 by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily

Ranchers follow a code of ethics dictated by a strong moral compass.

Even in the middle of a cold and sometimes harsh South Dakota winter, I can always find beauty all around
me. The trees glitter with frost, the snow sparkles on the hills, and the sun shines down on the cattle as
puffs of breath steam from their mouths. Birds chirp, cats hunt for mice in the barns, and our faithful farm
dog is afoot as we do chores.

No matter what the weather, we’re responsible for the livestock, and that’s one of the first lessons I learned
growing up on a ranch. Rain, sleet or snow, our cattle relied on us to take care of them. And it’s not just a
business decision; it’s the right thing to do. This cowboy code of ethics is often called the “cowboy way,”
and it’s instilled in most cowboys and cowgirls from the time they are old enough to sit up straight and pay
attention in church.

Perhaps it’s good old-fashioned values, or maybe it’s something more. Whatever it is that makes cattlemen
so great, it’s certainly worth talking about.

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