Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jim Owen has an inspiring new speech

Jim Owen has spoken to audiences all across the country on Cowboy Ethics. Now he has a new message—an answer to the question:
“What does it take to succeed in America today?”

Says Jim, “A college degree was once a ticket to the good life, if you were ambitious and willing to work—but not anymore.” As he notes, being average is no longer good enough. But contrary to what many assume, being exceptional may have less to do with I.Q., skills or credentials than with personal qualities that schools don’t teach. The real secret to career and life success, Jim believes, lies in your personal supply of Try—that powerful blend of passion, attitude and effort.

In an uplifting new 35-minute presentation (and in a 60-minute version incorporating his new documentary film), Jim Owen tells audiences how we can make The Try a core value in our lives. He also shares results of a “great experiment”—his foundation’s ongoing effort to change young lives by bringing The Try to schools and youth groups around the nation.